Tailor-made for Impact Movement provides community organizations with resources to educate, train and mentor in-school and out of school youths.

Many of us are aware of the shrinking economy, the increasing deficit and slashed budgets across the nation for essential services, education, and family and support programs are creating a desperate need in our communities for new avenues of support.

Yet these very programs are the ones that foster community, keep kids off the street and out of trouble, and build strong connections that go beyond the classroom. Without finding innovative ways to bridge the gap between the budget crisis and the desperate need most communities are facing, it´s predicted that these communities will see drastic increased in crime, teen pregnancy, and teen addiction issues.

One solution that can work for the benefit of the entire community is the development of strategic partnerships between corporations, faith-based organizations, and government programs.

Tailor-made for Impact is a great tool to bring the faith-based organizations to the meetings with the natural solutions the community is looking for.

Addressing the current crisis through strategic partnerships can provide timely, powerful solutions to communities in need. This is an opportunity to build a stronger community by providing critical support to the education and family support systems when and where they need help the most.

From providing additional support for your local school to funding an after-school science program, businesses and faith-based organizations can work together to help meet needs and share their success with other communities to foster nation-wide changes in the way we address local concerns.

The community is the lifeline that supports healthy families and well educated children, which leads to a strengthened economy. Businesses and faith-based organizations can be involved in supporting schools and community support services by sharing professional expertise, character, and strength.

Creating great places to live, work, and play starts with supporting the most fragile in our community.

Each community has different needs, but one thing remains true: those who live, work, and do business in the community are the ones who know it best and are the most capable of addressing issues. Local businesses and faith-based organizations have unique viewpoints which, when brought together, provide powerful insight into gaps that exist in meeting the needs of the people.

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