Video/DVD Publishing

BattleGroup Communication team works with businesses, organizations, training and educational facilities, consultants and not-for profits to create dynamic Video/DVD publishing solutions.

From concepts to completed programs, BattleGroup Communications knows how to produce videos that gets results. Whether your budget is large or small, our goal is to create videos that delivers leads or customers at or below your allowable cost and that reinforces your brand with high production values and memorable creative.

What we offer

With a team of experienced and talented writers, producers, directors, and editors, 3 AVID non-linear, uncompressed digital edit suites, plus great crews, locations and facilities, we can satisfy any production requirements you may have.

Marketing and Distribution Services

BattleGroup Communications works closely with publishers and authors to create and execute highly effective pre-and post-publication marketing and distribution service plans. We understand this is an essential part of any publishing project.

  • We develop promotional material specifically for your project.
  • We have connections with fulfillment houses, wholesalers, national bookstore chains and distributors to help you sell your Video/DVD.
  • We research and promote your Video/DVD to targeted media publications generating publicity opportunities.
  • We direct you to the best in literary agents and award contests.
  • We submit your Video/DVD to both pre-publication and post-publication reviewers to get your Video/DVD noticed.
  • We ensure your Video/DVD is properly listed with major internet retailers.

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