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BattleGroup Communications (BGC) Strategic Consulting Division provides comprehensive services throughout First Coast of Florida and neighboring states. Our goal is to implement and deliver consistent and expedient long-term solutions to youth and community development for state and government programs. Our team of experienced counselors is able to identify unique strategies for you and meet your individual needs in the most efficient manner. Our level of involvement will be tailored to meet your demands and expectations.

BGC Strategic Consulting Division has a wealth of knowledge and experience in program and policy development. Whether you are incorporating a civic participation component into your country's national youth policy or improving the impact of your service program, we can help you achieve your goals.

Services include:

Engagement Phases

BattleGroup Communications Strategic Consulting Division employs a staged engagement model that allows us to tailor each project to client needs and system dynamics. We work closely with our partners to define and clearly delineate phases of work, each punctuated with actionable end-products (assessments, plans, etc.).

Although every transformation effort is unique, our engagements typically include the following phases:

At the end of each phase we revisit our mutual commitments with the system leaders (e.g., governor, mayor, commissioner) to decide whether to proceed to the next phase. Major system reform is challenging and requires time, patience, and persistence. Although we often see the immediate impact of our efforts, we seek enduring change. We therefore require clients to collect and report ongoing results even after our engagements conclude.

Clients our counselors served include:

First Coast WorkForce Development Board, Northeast Florida Community in Action Agency, Independent Living Resource center of Northeast Florida, Youth Crisis Center, Family Support Services of North Florida, St Johns County Chamber of Commerce, City of Jacksonville, Duval County Juvenile System, St Johns County Juvenile System, North Florida Career Academies, Clay County School District, Duval County School District, St Johns County School District, Putnam County School District, Urban League and Victim’s Advocate.

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