BattleGroup Communications through the Tailor-made for Impact program works with school organizations to impact their local communities. We are excited to hear about what you are doing to impact your local community.

We are currently taking entries for the middle school and high school organizations and career academies, who share the passion through their projects that we are all Tailor-made for Impact.

Please feel free to use your creativity to share how you believe that all humans are Tailor-made for Impact.

We will show case our top entries.

Contest Overview

This video contest support schools world-wide. How you impact your community is totally up to you; we would love to hear about it! To participate in this contest, applicants must make a video of three minutes or less that address the topic: "Tailor-made for Impact." Teams must make a video of 10 -15 minutes. The subject is "People are Tailor-made for Impact." Contest applications can be obtained by visiting Tailor-made for Impact Community Resource link.


  Deadline Award Range Awards Granted:
  On going $50 - $500 5

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