PR Planning/Execution

All communications must begin with strategy. Whether a detailed roadmap, or a quick recommendation over the phone, clients rely on our counsel because we know their market and their target audience.

BattleGroup Communications has its own methodology to help companies weed through the confusion of overused terms and develop concise, powerful positioning. Whether you're a newcomer or an established public company, BattleGroup Communications will assess your reputation through an analysis of competitors, customers, press and analysts. BattleGroup Communications will create messages that interest the press, gain coverage and excite your key audiences. We identify company, product and technology messages, differentiate you from the competition and position your company to capture market leadership.

BattleGroup Communications provides strategic counsel on a range of areas including company positioning, planning news announcements and product launches, corporate blogging, the implementation of baseline programs, and competitive issues. BattleGroup Communications clients are guaranteed hands-on, senior-level involvement. This approach offers clients the experienced, creative, dynamic advice and tactics they need to successfully take their messages to market.

Strategic counsel takes place everyday in many small and behind-the-scenes ways. It is the lifeblood of our business and occurs in internal and external client meetings, during brainstorming sessions, on phone calls, in an editing session, during a customer interview, by reading the trades and always thinking about our clients' business.

In addition to day-to-day counsel, BattleGroup Communications provides executive-level services including speech writing, presentation development, speaking programs, investor relations, media and crisis training, blog strategy, executive coaching and other specialized services for senior officers.

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