Outsourcing PR Department

BattleGroup Communication assembles a world class team of professionals, from journalist to marketing experts to help your company effectively communicate your message to the internal and external audience.

BattleGroup Communications team becomes a part of your company without you having to utilize a great deal of time and money to hire, train and manage a new staff member. We handle communications, marketing and public relations activities with excellence. We report to you much like a typical employee with productivity reports and high quality solutions.

Our Process

We meet with our clients. We discuss their needs and come up with objectives and specific deliverables based on the retainer service plan and customer's budget. Once the plan is agreed by both parties, BattleGroup Communications begins to execute the plan.

Retainer Communication Services include:

For more information on retainer services or outsourcing your communications department contact us via email pr@battlegrouponline.com. We look forward to becoming a part of the team.

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