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Strategic Advantage of BattleGroup Communications (BGC)

Vision/Mission/Guiding Principles

Welcome to BattleGroup Communications (BGC), a global multi-media communication management firm that supports community building endeavors. We believe our value is based in the way we effectively serve you and we strategically implement staff and resources, following conservative, traditional business practices to help our clients capture specialty media, advertising, consumer and institutional targeted markets. BGC understands that our clients are looking for innovative ways to communicate and create visible identities, and our solutions include application development, custom publishing, branded entertainment, public relations and specialty marketing.

BattleGroup Communications makes strong strategic alliances with the technological companies that allow us to harness a deep pool of resources and apply creative knowledge and tools in order to solve problems and perform tasks efficiently. Our strategic research team works diligently to remain on the cutting edge of technology so that we can effectively adopt and use new tools that will bring value to our clients. Our team approach to full-service consulting and development enables us to provide our clients with a personal touch, and we work to understand our clients’ needs and partner with them in their endeavors. Our team employs certified network administrators, software engineers, database architects, graphic artist, illustrators, TV production experts, journalists, skilled project managers and client support staff to ensure quick response time and comprehensive solutions. We are never too busy to be accountable to you and address your concerns.

We understand that each company has unique needs, unique processes and a unique vision. The BattleGroup Advantage seeks to build a partnership built on trust and cooperation. We work with the clients every step of the way, collaborating in order to ensure complete success. We never lose sight of the fact that gadgets and hype do not replace basic business practices. Our clients want results and we are dedicated to delivering satisfaction.

BGC maintains its position on the leading edge by staying informed of changes and advances in technologies and trends and we strive to keep our clients aware of how these changes might affect their business.


BattleGroup Communications clients have a leading edge in their market and a strong impact the community. Our team assists in our clients’ success by becoming an extension of their team. We will support our clients by using creative ideas, innovative concepts, cutting edge technology and continuous commitment to support our clients, while providing improvement and excellent customer service.


BattleGroup Communications teams magnify the concepts, ideas, services and products of our clients’ services to the world with style and finesse by using the best world practices and proven foundational business principles.

BattleGroup Communications teams always think yes and find solutions, assisting our clients in becoming the leading force in their industry in a global market.

Guiding Principles

  • BattleGroup Communications teams celebrate and respect differences maximizing on the different gifts, insight and skills each member brings to the organization and to our clients.
  • BattleGroup Communications teams listen empathetically and keep all information shared between clients and staff confidential.
  • BattleGroup Communications teams always negotiate the best deals for our clients.
  • BattleGroup Communications teams are always honest, professional, courteous and ethical.
  • BattleGroup Communications teams use best practices, cutting edge technologies, proven skills and resources to support each organization with total creative dedication regardless of size and budget.

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