Media Buying

Media Planning

Media planning in the interactive space can be a conundrum for traditional marketing organizations. While the marketplace is not as volatile as it was before the internet bubble burst, it is still a challenging prospect to find media that responds productively. It takes extensive experience across the numerous online marketing channels to develop the specialized skill-set needed to make online marketing work.

BattleGroup Communications Approach

We begin the media planning process by conducting extensive research to match media placements on the web to the target customer that our client is seeking. In placing countless other marketing campaigns with most of the top web publishers, BattleGroup Communications has a significant buying power and a knowledge base based on historic media performance that can be leveraged to your advantage. Add to that the use of the analytic tool, Hitwise, and we are able to quickly define media plans that provide invaluable learning during the test period and drive a strategic rollout plan upon successful testing.

Our Personnel

BattleGroup Communications has the experience and expertise to deliver campaigns that work. Our media buyers bring with them years of internet media planning experience working on the client side. Our staff has an understanding of the accountability that our clients have with their marketing budget, thus driving them to make only the best media planning decisions.

When it comes to promoting your product or service, whether via television, web, print or radio, there are many factors that contribute to the campaign's success. Even if your product is great and your creative spot is top notch, your results could still fall short. That's because where and when it is placed and who it's presented to can make all the difference in the world. In short, media placement could make or break your advertising initiatives.

Media buying is a complex endeavor and there are many components to consider. Outsourcing to experienced planners and buyers will ensure that the product or service you have developed will reach the people who want to buy it in a timely and cost effective manner. A good media buying service will know the answers to these questions, no matter what product or service you wish to promote:

At BattleGroup Communications, we know the answers to these questions. When our team is at the helm of your media buying efforts, you will get more than just air time. You will receive personalized care and attention that your marketing efforts deserves. We take pride in every account that we manage and provide industry-leading customer support and service.

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