A large, multi-national company such as BattleGroup Communication involves a lot of people, processes and products. We're often asked questions about how we do things. Below you'll find questions and answers to some of the most common.

What does BattleGroup Communication do?

BattleGroup Communications is a multi-media communication, advertising, publishing and public relations firm. We believe our value is based in the way we effectively serve you. So, we add staff and resources strategically, following conservative, traditional business practices to help our clients capture specialty media, advertising, consumer and institutional targeted markets.

BattleGroup Communications (BGC) makes strong strategic alliances with the technological companies to harness the application of knowledge and tools to solve problems and perform tasks more efficiently. Our strategic research team studies various forms of growing technologies, so we can effectively adopt and use them when needed to bring value to our clients. Our team approach to full-service consulting and development enables us to better serve our clients. Our team employs, certified network administrators, software engineers, databases architects, graphic artist, illustrators, TV production experts, skilled project managers and client support staff to ensure quick response time and complete solutions. We are never too busy to be accountable to you and address our client's concerns

How does BattleGroup Communications give back to the community?

Please check our Community Affairs section of this media room. BattleGroup Communications is very involved in the community.

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