Crisis Management

BattleGroup Communications understands that crisis management has moved on the front agenda of many agencies that have much less to answer for, and many more legitimate interest to protect. Crisis management must be interwoven with marketing, manufacturing and accounting.

Crisis communications and management should create seamless teams within the organization that draws on all the knowledge of the CFO, the marketing experts, investor relations, and lawyers. Their expertise must be provided to the corporate crisis communicators in publicly digestible and credible formats for public consumption. The public is always the end-user in crisis management.

We help companies develop and maintain constant dialogue among the diverse team members, drawing on their diverse skills and backgrounds. Crisis communications and management moves forward in the rate that technology moves forward. There are always new tools being discovered and applied every day. It doesn't stop moving simply because there's no immediate crisis at hand.

The plan cannot be separated from its implementation. Without the planning, communications are random, ineffective, and sometimes contradictory. Your crisis communication plan must be an action item, to be continuously refreshed and rehearsed.

Not only do we help companies plan for front page news, we also help develop and create mock scandals and real-time role-play exercises. Just as lawyers prepare for major trials we assist your staff to prepare for front page negative events. We help the companies adjust the plans, so they can truly respond in a 24/7 basis.

The very act of collaboration in the planning process helps ensure that that collaboration will be real and effective once a crisis actually happens.

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