Audio Publishing

Our team of audio engineers has over 20 years of experience. BattleGroup Communications partners with the best of the best from all over the country to provide dynamic audio solutions to your next project. From radio directing to writing jingles, we help our clients increase sales and communication.

We have illustrators, journalist, photojournalist, graphic designers and web designers who have the experience and skill level to give you a high quality, clutter free design. We provide the total package solution for your package.

Talent Casting

Having just the right voice to captivate your audience and compliment your scripts is essential to speaking to the heart of your target group.


Know what message you want to convey but just not how to say it. Our talented script writers can assist you with finding the words to speak to your audience. We have writers with years of experience. We are the solutions you have been looking for.

Marketing and Distribution Services

BattleGroup Communications works closely with publishers and authors to create and execute highly effective pre-and post-publication marketing and distribution service plans. We understand this is an essential part of any publishing project.

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